More than Average Chiropractic Care

Here we offer comprehensive patient centered care that is focused on addressing biomechanics and everyday activities causing your symptoms. By providing treatments specific to the complaint we are able to get relief that is long lasting and effective. Through this model of treatment we are able to spend more time in visits and focus on your goals and needs of your care. We are committed to getting you feeling better in as few visits as possible and providing you with tools to help prevent future injuries.

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What makes my practice different?

Patient Centered Care- By putting your needs and goals first it allows us to focus on getting you out of pain and back to your functional needs.

Biomechanics Assessment- We focus on assessing the body mechanics that are causing decreased functionality, ranges of motion, and areas of dysfunction.

Patient Education - Giving you home stretches and exercises do outside of the visit helps to facilitate the healing process and prevent further or future injuries.

Honesty - Here we want to be upfront with you about their care by giving thorough treatments and education because at the end of the day our main goal is to get you feeling better as soon as we can.

Conditions treated in the office

Acute & Chronic injuries

  • Sport injuries

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Disc herniation

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Pregnancy support




Services Offered

Assessment of Biomechanics

Movement patterns can be the source of pain for many conditions. When these patterns are addressed it can decrease pain and eliminate symptoms. With proper mechanics you are able to perform you sport more efficiently and prevent the possibility of injury.


Flexion Distraction

Flexion distraction gentle low force technique that is performed to help increase range of motion of the low back, decrease pain, and promote healing of the disc material. This is performed on patients with disc injuries, herniations, or low back pain.


Trigger Point Therapy

Ischemic Compression is applied to trigger points in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. To help create an increased range of motion, decrease pain, and promote blood flow.


Joint Mobilization

A small gentle impulse given to the joint at the end range of motion to help restore proper movement and function. Which is needed when muscles and ligament tightness causes the joint to not move in its normal fashion.


Patient Education Exercise

Patients are given specific exercised based on their presentation to help facilitate improvement in range of motion, decrease in pain, as well as prevention of injury.

Instrument Assisted Soft Therapy

IAST is a type of therapy that utilizes a medical grade steel tool to break up adhesions and built up scar tissue within sore muscles and ligaments. By doing this method it helps to promote new blood flow to the area, increase range of motion, and decrease overall pain.


Neuromuscular Percussion

This is technique is performed HYPERVOLT tool that provides percussion to large muscle areas which helps decrease overall tightness, decrease pain, increase range of motion, and promote increased circulation to the area. It can also decrease recovery time in between training and increase recovery time after hard training sessions.